Welcome to 12Inchfactory

Manuels  works can be seen in the few exsisting Forums, under his Screenname BERTA/59.

He lives in South

Germany with his wife and children, in the beautiful Black Forest. He first became aquainted with Models from the Company Airfix, and later with reknownd Manufactures such as Tamiya, Italeri, and Dragon.

Also working with Metal Figures from most well known Manufactures round out his pallete. He has also done painting, aurochs model making and Dioramabuilding for many private customers.

He has also written several columns for well-known Model Magazines. Besides his carrier as a Technical Advisor he enjoys listening to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, from Bands like Saxon, Judas Priest, Whitesnake, as well as Fear Factory and Korn just to mention a few.

Action figures however are his absolute passion since 2000.

Though he doesn’t just limit himself to Action Figures, other Topics and Projects such as Science Fiction, and Contemporary History from the Middle Ages to Modern Times are also relevent.